Soul Contract Readings

Introduction to Soul Contract Readings

A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading is a fast and effective tool that helps you understand why you are here on Earth; helping you understand yourself, your life experiences and why your life is the way that it is.

Your Soul Contract Reading shines a light on your life and can help illuminate your path, your purpose and your truth more clearly to give you an added sense of clarity, direction and focus. 

With the awareness and self understanding that you receive from your Soul Contract Reading, you can make conscious decisions and changes to create the life you want.

More about Soul Contract Readings.

A  Soul Contract Reading goes into the essence of your life purpose, describing:

The main lessons that you are here to learn.  This helps you to see how your life challengers and experiences have been perfectly created to help you learn and grow.  With this increased level of awareness you can gain, a greater understanding of why your life is, and has been, the way that it is and greater power to change your life experiences to create the life that you desire.

Your gifts and talents that you have to not only overcome your life challengers but also to share the world, showing you your full potential in this lifetime,

Your goals and what drives you which can give you clarity on where to focus your efforts in alignment with your soul’s purpose, and

Your overall life purpose or Soul Destiny What you are here to achieve and do in this lifetime.

What a Numerology of Moses Soul Reading is NOT…

It is NOT a reading that will give you forecasts or predictions of specific events that will happen in your life. It is a tool of self empowerment, awareness and growth which helps facilitate greater understanding growth and change in your life.

Understand your life, why it is the way it is, why you are here and what experiences your soul has chosen for you and with this awareness become all that you are here to be!

What does a Soul Contract Reading Involve and Cost?

A Personal Soul Contract Reading is created from your full birth name, as written on your birth certificate.    Using your birth name a birth chart will be put together describing the dominant energies and experiences that your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime.  Any other names that you have taken since your birth name such as through marriage or adoption will act as an overlay of energies.  An overlay of energies can enhance your life experiences, make things more difficult or make no difference at all, but will not change the core essence of your life’s purpose which is outlined in your birth chart.

 In addition to a Personal Soul Contract Reading, you can also have:

Relationship Readings  to help you understand the dynamics between you and your partner, family, friends and those you work with.

Overlay Readings to understand how any other names that you have taken since your birth name, such as through marriage, may be influencing your life.

Name Optimisation to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.

Business Readings to maximise your potential and success in business, and

Family Readings to understand your family’s dynamics and conflicts and for parents your child’s Soul Contract Reading to help you understand your child and support them in life.

 Cost per Personal Soul Contract Reading  is £145*

This comprises a detailed personal Soul Contract Reading highlighting your Soul’s Karma/challengers, Talents, Goals and Soul Destiny.  A 1 1/4  hour one to one session to explain your chart plus a CD/MP3 recording of your reading.

*The price listed is for an individual Soul Contract Reading only.  The cost of relationship, family and overlay readings, name optimisation and business readings vary so please contact me for more information.

When is a Soul Contract Reading helpful?

A Soul Contract reading can be useful when: 

You are feeling stuck or held back in life.
You want clarity about your life situations
You seek confirmation or reassurance that you are on the right track.
Have choices to make and seek guidance.
You feel ready to move forward in life and let go of the past and all that which is holding you back.
You know there is something holding you back but you don’t know what it is.
Your current self-help and development programs no longer work for you?
You have tried, affirmations, visualisations etc and all the many other methods of manifestation and you are still not manifesting your dreams?
You are already on your Spiritual Path and you are looking for your next step in growth.
You are drawn to this work or it has been recommended to you.
If you feel ready to embrace your True nature and life purpose.

A Numerology of Moses Soul Reading can help illuminate your path and purpose more clearly to give you an added sense of energy, focus and direction.  It can also help you focus your healing more specifically on the aspects of your life which will bring the greatest rewards to your overall life experiences and well being.

How can a Soul Contract Reading benefit you?

A Numerology of Moses Soul Contract Reading can contribute to:

Helping resolve the issues in areas such as:

Money & Abundance, Work, Family, Relationships, Stress, Karma and much more…

In addition a Soul Contract Reading can contribute to:

Increased self confidence and self empowered
A Deeper connection to Spirit and re-connection to your truth
An awakening or enhancement of your Spiritual gifts, talents and Divine Life Purpose
Feeling more whole and complete
Greater expression of your Mastery and Divinity
Spiritual growth and expansion
Greater clarity and focus
Increased zest for living and renewed optimism
A real sense of “Being Free”
A greater capacity to give and receive love
An understanding of karmic based experiences.

Should you have any questions, wish to book a Business Soul Contract Reading and/or subscribe to my mailing list, then I’d love to hear from you so please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Sophia Grace: 07816 407 807

Understand your life and embrace your truth!


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