Family & Relationship Soul Contract Readings

Relationship Readings


Through a Soul Contract Reading, you can easily and accurately see how the dynamics work within your families, relationships and with parenting your children.

Family and relationship readings can show you where things are working positively and creatively and also why there may be friction and difficulty within your relationships. From this understanding you can work on how to enhance and get the best out of your relationships and how to manage any challenges.

If you have children having a Soul Contract Reading for your child can help you to understand your child so that you can develop a customised, child specific parenting strategy that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose, to allow for the full expression of who they are.

Through the understanding of your relationships, you can work much more consciously with those close to you and reach a place of great compassion for and acceptance of where someone else is in their life. This allows your relationships to become much more harmonious and loving.


Cost of Family and Individual Soul Contract Readings

The cost of relationship and family  readings vary according to the number of people that you are wanting to include in the reading, so please contact me for more information.

The price includes a detailed Soul Contract Reading highlighting the positive aspects of the relationship, any areas of potential conflict and difficulty, ways to enhance and manage challengers within the relationship.   A 1 1/4  hour one to one session to explain your chart plus a CD/MP3 recording of your reading.


Should you have any questions, wish to book a Relationship Soul Contract Reading and/or subscribe to my mailing list, then I’d love to hear from you so please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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